Dunbar Series: Classic Silent Films with New, Original Live Music

Friday, February 5

Time: 10 a.m. — 11 a.m.

Location: Sears Recital Hall, Jesse Philips Humanities Center

More Info:  https://www.udayton.edu/artssciences/endowedchair/graul/rrw/events/0205-keatonchaplin-music.php

Tags:  Music, Arts and Sciences, Concert, Music

Cost:  Free

The Not-So-Silent-Cinema and the New River Ensemble present classic short comedies by silent-film era actor/directors Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. Stunt-actor Keaton combined his physical prowess with brilliant gag writing, while Chaplin pioneered aspects of acting, directing and writing that helped to shape the course of cinema history. This program features Chaplin's Pawnshop and The Adventurer and Keaton's Cops and One Week.

In their day, these silent-films were screened with live musical accompaniment, often improvised. In keeping with this tradition, Not-So-Silent-Cinema presents new musical performances alongside these films with new, original musical scores. The scores follow Keaton and Chaplin through early American landscapes with a parallel soundscape of American roots music combining blues, jazz, ragtime, old-time, Klezmer, and even a little classical music, composed by Brendan Cooney.

Contact Information:

Name:  Department of Music/Graul Chair
Website:  http://www.go.udayton.edu/music
Phone:  937-229-3936