The Malawi Cup

Sunday, April 10

Time: 1 p.m. — 4 p.m.

Location: ArtStreet Amphitheater

Cost:  $10

Determined to Develop will be hosting our annual event this spring titled the "The Malawi Cup"! Our goal is to reach out to students, faculty, and entire Dayton community in order to spread the mission of Determined to Develop. The Malawi Cup will consist of a relay obstacle course, food stations, and information stations about Malawi and Determined to Develop. It will be a fun atmosphere with music, food, and games and will be open to all! Malawi is a small country located in Sub-Saharan Africa bordered by Tanzania to the East and North, Zambia to the West, and Mozambique to the South. After graduating from UD, Matt Maroon decided to partake in a year of service with the Marianist brothers in Malawi. At the end of his year there, he decided that there was much more that needed to be done in the beautiful country, thus, Determined to Develop was born. Determined to Develop is a non-governmental organization that supports the education of youth, health and nutrition, women's empowerment, and the environment in the northern region of Malawi.

Contact Information:

Name:  Center for Student Involvement
Phone:  937-229-3333