Wednesday, March 15
Campus Conversation: Artificial Intelligence
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: LTC Forum 044

Artificial intelligence (or “AI”) is a term describing computer technologies that mimic or emulate the human capacity to sense, learn, reason and take action.  These technologies are already showing up in our personal lives (e.g. Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant) but are just beginning to broadly impact the work environment.  The long-term impact on traditional jobs is causing anxiety as we anticipate a disruption that is as transformative as the industrial revolution.  UD is in a unique position to pursue both the technical advances in AI while exploring its impact on all sectors of society including the ethical and social justice dimensions.  This session provides an avenue for a non-technical multidisciplinary discussion of what AI is, its potential impact on society and how UD could respond with scholarly and curricular possibilities.

Contact Information:
Name: Susan Brown
Phone: 229-3309