Thursday, August 10
Dean of Students Series: Graduate Assistant Support
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Kennedy Union Room 331

The graduate assistant experience can be incredibly rewarding. Socialization within a professional field, career development, and mentorship are all examples of benefits that graduate assistants rece ive through their assistantships. While the benefits are plentiful, graduate assistantships can also be characterized as tenuous, stressful, convoluted and at times overwhelming. As graduate assistants manage the demands and responsibilities of completing their academic requirements, they also manage the confusion and uncertainty that they encounter in work environments that do not always consider the uniqueness of their role.
In 2009, the division of student development established the Graduate Assistant Development Committee to provide structure and support for its graduate assistants. Participants who attend this session will learn about the committee’s structure and the strategies it has employed to support graduate assistants.
Presented by Steve Herndon, Assistant Dean of Students & Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life, & Daria Graham, Director of Student Leadership Programs

The Dean of Students Office provides a variety of services to challenge, support, encourage, and prepare students to be successful now and after graduation. This series is designed to provide information to faculty and staff on how you can support the success of students as it relates to key functions out of the Dean of Students office, and presents an opportunity to learn more about how we can work together throughout the academic year.
Contact Information:
Name: Laura Gentner
Phone: 937-229-1215