Wednesday, September 27
UDCL The Power of Positive Workplace Politics
08:30 AM - 04:30 PM
Location: UD Center for Leadership, River Campus
Cost: $0 charge to individual or departmental account; UD HR subsidizes the $299 per person cost for all benefit eligible employees who work 1,000+ hours a year (max 4 days per year)

In order to become politically effective, one must begin by understanding that organization politics is a reality in every organization. Some people go to great lengths to say that they are not political and there are no organizational politics where they work. That’s because it’s usually viewed as negative "back-stabbing" behavior. Organizational politics is just part of the fabric of business life and to understand how organizations make decisions — and who makes them — can only make you more effective in doing your job. Are you aware of the power of positive organizational politics? Your understanding of politics in the workplace can easily mean the difference between advancing in your job and losing it. More jobs are lost and advancement denied because of poorly played office politics than any other reason. Join us to determine the level of your own tendencies in the area of organizational politics, learn 10 keys for being politically effective, and develop a plan to manage your political equity account.
Contact Information:
Name: Chuck Bushnell
Phone: 937-229-3115