Tuesday, October 17
Facing Dayton: Visualizing Neighborhood Narratives
All Day
Location: Dayton Metro Library Opportunity Space at St. Calir

"The Facing Project is a community story-telling project that intends to bring awareness about human rights issues and assets of a community to inspire social action." ( Kelly Bohrer and Alexa Irwin have begun one of these projects titled Facing Dayton: Neighborhood Narratives. The University of Dayton Typography II Students will be visualizing these narratives under the direction of Pf. Thomas-Trout. These visualizations convey the message within these stories, practical in the sense that it disperses the information and persuasive in how it teaches the history of the Dayton communities while raising awareness. A larger goal involves the experiential learning initiatives involved in exhibition preparation. Continuing the recognition of these people in the Dayton Public library, while educating our students about place and place-making is an important aspect to community building and experiential learning. Meeting the people and having a face-to-face connection, continues to strengthen and inspire the passion behind their designs.


Opening Reception:  Friday, October 20, 2017

Location: Dayton Metro Library Opportunity Space at St. Clair 215 East Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402

Contact Information:
Name: Misty Thomas-Trout