Diversity Efforts Data Collection

Sunday, April 1 — Monday, April 30

Repeats every 30 day(s), all day

Tags:  diversity, equity, inclusion, diversity efforts data collection

If you have any information related to a diversity effort (or set of efforts) at UD from January 1, 2013 through June 1st, 2018, please send that information and or related documents to the following email address:
Please sent this information to the consultants by April 30th, 2018.
If you have any questions, email Dr. Rona Halualani at:    rona@halualani.com
Rona Tamiko Halualani, Ph.D. (Intercultural Communication, Arizona State University, 1998)
Principal and Founder, Halualani & Associates
(650) 996-9255

Contact Information:

Name:  Rona Halualani
Website:  www.diversitymapping@yahoo.com
Phone:  650-996-9255
Email:  rona@halualani.com