Career Networking

it's who you know and what they know about you!

Networking is a system of connecting and building relationships by exchanging information, ideas, resources or services. Job networking often goes beyond your immediate network and involves tapping into other peoples’ networks for job ideas, advice and referrals. Successful networking is when both parties benefit in some way and is an on-going process throughout life that extends far beyond landing the next job interview. Networking with professional contacts, colleagues, alumni, professors, friends and family is one of the most successful ways to identify open positions and change jobs/careers.

Where do you start?

  • Know your career objective
  • Develop a network message
  • Create a contact list
  • Prepare
  • Connect & ask for a network referral
  • Keep track & maintain your network

Basic Networking Etiquette

  • Respect your contact's time
  • Show sincere gratitude for new referrals
  • Do not share information that may compromise the person/company with another contact
  • Always send a sincere thank you note
  • Find ways to share any information that may be valuable to your network contact
  • Keep contacts informed of your progress and how they were helpful

Start making connections online today!

Join the Alumni Career Network Group in LinkedIn to build your professional network and. LinkedIn offers an Alumni resource to search where alumni from your university work and live.

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