Interview Attire Tips

What you wear to an interview has an enormous impact on the first impression you make on the interviewer and will greatly influence how you are perceived.

A recent survey indicated that approximately 40% of all employment rejections are based on personal presentation, which includes dress and grooming. The first visual impression you make is important because recruiters are deciding on sight, if you look the part or whether you’ll fit into the company culture?

When dressing for an interview it is wise to err on the conservative side. Therefore it is unwise to show off the latest fashion trends or fad at an interview. By dressing in conservative business attire when interviewing, you are demonstrating self-respect, your respect for the company and for the interview opportunity, as well as your ability to dress appropriately in social business situations. It does not matter if the interviewer is dressed in business casual. You should still be in conservative business professional attire. Consider purchasing a raincoat or all-weather coat, preferably in beige or blue. It’s better to have an overcoat than to have your suit drenched.

Avoid nose, eyebrow & tongue rings, as well as grillz or gold, platinum or silver dental ornamentation. Ignore “wash-and-wear” and “no need to iron” claims and iron when garment looks wrinkled to convey a professionally pressed appearance.

When you dress like a professional, you’re more likely to be treated as one, and you’re off to a good start without saying a word. Follow the interview attire tips for Men and Women to achieve that professional look.

Most employer information sessions, which are typically evening sessions held the day prior to an employer's first interview day on campus, require Business Casual dress.

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