Student Staff

Elizabeth Bayer

Elizabeth Bayer

Event Planning Intern

Grade: Junior

Major: Marketing

Why I Work at Career Services: "My favorite thing about Career Services is all the wonderful advisors and staff who are so kind and helpful. They truly care about students and their success!"

Hobbies: Being outdoors, crafting and spending time with her dog!

Goals/Dreams: After graduation, Elizabeth hopes to work for a company in their marketing department specifically planning events and working in public relations!

Annie Brinkman

Annie Brinkman

Graphic Design Intern

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Graphic Design

Why I Work at Career Services: "The people; everyone is so engaged and friendly."

Fun Facts: Annie has three sisters who are all named 'Mary.'

Hobbies: Annie enjoys hiking, canoeing, reading and crafting.

Goals/dreams: Join the Peace Corps after graduation.


Erin Brunn

Employer Relations Intern

Grade: Senior

Major: Exercise Physiology

Goals/dreams: After graduation Erin hopes to do research with clinical trials at a children's hospital for a year or two. Erin's ultimate goal is to receive a Masters of Physician Assistant studies and practice at a dermatology or pediatrics office.

Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke

Resume Review Intern

Grade: Junior

Major: Finance

Fun Facts: Sarah has Irish and American dual citizenship. Her favorite thing to do is sit on her porch at school while reading, listening to music or talking with her roommates and neighbors.

Why I Work at Career Services: "I already like working at Career Services because I felt a great purpose helping students work toward their end goals."

Goals/Dreams: Sarah loves interior design and hopes to work with Property Investment and Design someday.


Lyric Fields

Student Employment Intern

Grade: Junior

Major: Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Fun Facts: Lyric has been actively involved in the business field since her sophomore year of high school. She loves to interact with students and is always happy to lend a helping hand.

Outside of UD: Lyric is also a Marketing/Fundraising Intern for the Mathile Institute and a President's Emissary for the University.

Anusha Gurrala

Anusha Gurrala

International Career Advisor Intern and Web Developer

Grade: Graduate Student

Major: Computer Science

Why I Work at Career Services: "I love to interact with people from all over the world! I am so happy that I got an opportunity to help international students achieve their goals."

Outside of UD: Anusha worked as a Senior Systems Engineer for one of the leading multinational companies in India and gained professional IT experience. 

Matthew Little Picture

Matthew Little

Graduate Assistant Career Advisor

Grade: Graduate Student

Major: M.S.E., College Student Personnel

Why I Work at Career Services: Matt is passionate about helping Flyers discover their calling and providing effective mentoring to college students.

Outside of UD: Matt has held previous positions in Admissions at Cedarville University, the University of Cincinnati and Grace College. He also gained experience in corporate recruiting while at Reynolds and Reynolds.


Cheryl Lyu

Career Advising Intern

Grade: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Why I Work at Career Services: "Everyone is really supportive."

Hobbies: Netflix and chill

Goals/Dreams: Cheryl hopes to find a job after graduation and go to graduate school after a few years of working experience.


Nathan Machel

Resume Review Intern

Grade: Junior

Major: Finance & Business Economics

Fun Fact: Nathan plays the piano. 

Goals/Dreams: This summer, Nathan will be working for GE Transportation and hopes to eventually work for GE or another major company in Treasury or Finance. 

Claire Sanfilippo

Claire Sanfilippo

Resume Review Intern

Grade: Senior

Major: International Studies and Spanish with a concentration in Global Public Health

Why I Work at Career Services: "The best part about working at Career Services is the office skills learned over the course of my two years here and the friendships that have been formed."

Goals/Dreams: Claire hopes to work at an international non-profit in Washington, D.C.

Jamie Sima

Jamie Sima

Social Media and Website Intern

Grade: Senior

Major: Communication (Public Relations)

Goals/Dreams: "After studying abroad for a semester in Barcelona, I hope to move out of the country for a couple years to travel more and to gain more cultural experience! I hope to one day be employed by a study abroad program as a Program Coordinator so that I can help students have as great a semester as I did!"


Adam Solomon

Graduate Intern

Grade: First-year graduate student

Major: M.S.E. Higher Education Administration

Fun Fact: "I have been playing guitar for 15 years of my life. That's over half of my life!"

Goals/Dreams: "I am passionate about helping undergraduate students discover their strengths, passions, interests, decide on a program of study that aligns with their strengths, passions and interests, naviagte the college campus and curriculum toward successful degree completion, and land their dream job after graduation. Thus, I am intersted in both academic and career advising." 

Sarah Trimble

Sarah Trimble

Student Employment Intern

Grade: Senior

Major: Psychology

Fun Facts: Sarah is from Chicago, Illinois and has two dogs named Nike and Puma.

Why I Work at Career Services: "I like working at Career Services because of the people."

Torie Weslow

Torie Weslow

Student Employment Intern

Grade: First Year

Major: Discover Science

Fun Facts: Torie loves to volunteer, read, watch Disney movies, play volleyball and board games and make greeting cards.

Why I Work at Career Services: "I love working in Career Services because all of the staff and students here are amazing! Everyone cares about each other, which makes Career Services feel like one big, happy family."

Goals/Dreams: Torie is not sure where she will be in four years, but along the way she would like to study abroad in counties like China or India.

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