Student Staff

Sarina Allison

Student Employment Intern

Grade: Senior

Major: Music Therapy

Hobbies: Sarina enjoys making music, baking muffins, and reading biographies about past presidents.

Fun Facts: Sarina goes on regular road-trips around the country to attend book signings.

Why I Work At Career Services: "Career Services is a great environment to gain new skills and experience. I love the people there and the opportunity to interact with fellow students."

Goals/Dreams: Sarina dreams of learning to play the lute, creating positive change, and becoming president of the United States.


Federico Barrios

Career Advising Intern

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Finance and Economics

Hobbies: Federico loves to read in his free time. 

Fun Facts: Federico is on the UD men's soccer team!

Why I Work at Career Services: "I work at Career Services because it is a way to get great experience with great people."

Goals/Dreams: Federico hopes to play soccer professionally once he graduates.  


Elizabeth Bayer

Event Planning Intern

Grade: Senior

Major: Marketing

Why I Work at Career Services: "The people at Career Services are so inclusive and kind. They have made me feel so welcomed since the first day I started. They are like a second family to me and have taught me so much."

Hobbies: Traveling, spending time with her dog and family.

Fun Facts: Elizabeth loves elephants and can wiggle her ears!


Annie Brinkman

Graphic Design Intern

Grade: Junior

Major: Graphic Design

Why I Work at Career Services: "The people are engaged and friendly."

Fun Facts: Annie has three sisters who are all named 'Mary.'

Hobbies: Annie enjoys hiking, canoeing, reading and crafting.

Goals/dreams: Annie would like to stay in the Dayton area and do social design in the nonprofit sector. 


Angela Eck

Student Employment Intern

Grade: Senior

Major: Music Therapy

Hobbies: Angela loves to spend time training her puppy, thrift shopping and making music.

Fun Facts: Angela has an uncle who drinks six gallons of milk a week.

Why I Work at Career Services: "I work in Career Services because I love interacting with people and am gaining skills that will help me continue to further my career."

Goals/Dreams: Angela hopes to decrease her carbon footprint and eventually find out what she wants to be when she grows up.


Brittany Fishburn

Graduate Assistant

Grade: First year graduate student

Major: College Student Personnel

Hobbies: Brittany spends her extra time exploring parks, hiking and being active through playing sports such as volleyball, golf and swimming. Additionally, she loves trying new restaurants and ice cream shops. 

Why I Work at Career Services: "Working in Career Services fulfills me. I get the opportunity to develop professionally, work alongside a group of caring, dedicated coworkers, and help students reach their goals."

Goals/Dreams: Brittany aspires to work at a university in Career Services upon graduating with her master's degree in 2019.


Nathan Machel

Resume Review Intern

Grade: Senior

Major: Finance & Business Economics

Fun Facts: Nate's hidden talents include Crossfit, playing the piano and swimming.

Goals/Dreams: This past summer Nate interned at GE Transportation in Finance. He hopes to work for a large company in Treasury or in commercial banking after graduation then eventually for a major music label in finance. 


Mary McMullen

Employer Relations Intern

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Business Economics & Finance

Hobbies: Mary enjoys going to the gym, golfing and traveling. 

Fun Fact: Mary is the middle child of five children!

Why I Work at Career Services: "My favorite part about Career Services is how welcoming everyone is. I haven't worked here for too long, but I already feel a part of the team!"

Goals/Dreams: Mary would love to work in large city one day!

Kerri Nicholson

Resume Review Intern

Grade: Sophomore 

Major: Criminal Justice

Hobbies: Kerri loves to read and experiment with cooking in her free time!

Fun Fact: Kerri has an older brother, who also goes to UD, and he is a criminal justice major too!

Why I Work at Career Services: "Career Services is such a welcoming and warm environment that really does their absolute best to ensure that all UD students have a resource they can come to for career help. Helping others is something that means a lot to me, so I'm glad that I can aid my fellow staff members at Career Services in providing helpful resources to all of UD."

Goals/Dreams: Kerri's goal is to attend law school after she graduates UD and wants to live in New York City one day!

Nivedita Penugonda

Career Advising Intern

Grade: Last year Graduate Student

Major: Computer Engineering

Hobbies: Nive enjoys dancing, singing, watching movies and playing board games

Fun Facts: Nive has met a few Indian movie actors!

Why I work at Career Services: "I feel it's a great way to improve myself for my career, and it's an opportunity for me to learn the working culture. I love the people working at Career Services and the way they work."

Goals/Dreams: Nive wants to start a small business firm along with her friends after gaining some experience in the software industry!


Brynn Sandy

Social Media and Website Intern

Grade: Senior

Major: Communications with a concentration in Public Relations

Hobbies: Reading, traveling, spending time with my roommates, and binge watching Game of Thrones.

Fun Facts: Brynn has been to 11 different countries, snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef and seen Nick Jonas perform on Broadway.

Why I Work at Career Services: "I love the atmosphere, I love the people and working at Career Services is a great way to learn about how to prepare for the future."

Goals/Dreams: Brynn loves everything about film and TV, and after graduation she hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry working in Public Relations.



Hannah Storm

Resume Review Intern

Grade: Junior

Major: International Business Management

Hobbies: Hannah's hobbies are hiking, reading and eating at R Taco (tacos are the best).

Fun Facts: Hannah studied abroad in Florence, Italy and has been to nine different countries!

Why I Work at Career Services: "I love knowing that I could help people get their dream job!"

Goals/Dreams: Hannah aspires to work in Human Resources and travel the world.

Torie Weslow

Torie Weslow

Student Employment Intern

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Civil Engineering

Hobbies: Torie loves reading and watching Disney movies.

Why I Work at Career Services: "I love working in Career Services because all of the staff and students here are amazing! Everyone cares about each other, which makes Career Services feel like one big, happy family."

Goals/Dreams: Torie would love to study abroad during her UD career.

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