Student Contract Program

The Student Contract Program, administered by Career Services, allows students to be employed in internship positions related to their field of study with local companies. Under this program students are placed on the University’s payroll as student employees while working off-site at the company location. Students who participate in the contract program are attending school full-time and are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week while attending classes and 40 hours per week when not attending classes.

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Getting Started

A company can establish itself as an active contract employer by submitting a purchase order and providing a primary contact name, address and phone number to the Recruiting Coordinator.

Company Benefits

The University completes all the paperwork for the hiring process. UD provides Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance for student employees. Students are provided time entry instructions and are responsible for entering their hours worked into the University's online payroll system. The time sheets are approved by the Recruiting Coordinator.

Student Pay Rates

Some contract employers have a set pay rate for all student employees, some use a pay scale based on grade level and experience, and others choose to set a rate for each student individually.

University Fees

The company is invoiced on the 25th of each month for hours worked during the previous month plus a $2.00 per hour administration fee. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice. Payment is made directly to the Bursar’s office per instructions on the invoice.

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