Each fall and spring semester, the career services staff offers a series of workshops for students and alumni. 

All Fall 2016 Career Services Workshops (.pdf) can be viewed here. Please register on Hire a Flyer to attend.

Topics include the following:

Internship Preparation
Interview Preparation
How to Ace the Top 10 Interview Questions
Resume Writing
Resume Review Days
International Students & Career Fairs: How to Best Prepare & Top Reasons to Go
International Student OPT Panel & Job Strategy
Career Fair Preparation
Cover Letter Writing Workshop
$tart $mart (Salary Negotiation)
Choosing a Major
Education Interview Day Preparation
Practical Interview Skills for International Students
Networking: How to Make Yourself Real
Creating a Better LinkedIn Profile
Using LinkedIn in the Job Search
What Employers Want From YOU
H-1B Visas and Green Card Information

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