Alumni Mentoring Program

Hear from an alumni mentor and a student mentee about why you should join the program.

Program Overview

The Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) is facilitated by Career Services and Alumni Relations at the University of Dayton and was established in 2012. AMP embodies Marianist values of learning in community by connecting current students and alumni who serve as mentors in guiding students in their professional career development.

At the University of Dayton we define mentoring as:
  • A learning partnership where both the mentor and mentee create a shared vision of mentoring defined by respect, openness and understanding.
  • Mentors relate their professional knowledge and skills in guiding students in their career exploration of the workplace.
  • Mentees take an active role in their learning and development through questioning and reflection.

Why should you join the Alumni Mentoring Program?

“You can gain so much insight from this program. It is an opportunity to learn advice from people that have already been in your shoes.” – Student mentee

“This is an excellent opportunity to make a difference in a college student's life, reconnect with your alma mater, and grow as a professional.”   -Alumni mentor

Students gain valuable insights:

  • Learn how to articulate and strengthen your knowledge and skills
  • Prepare for the “real world” and its professional challenges
  • Experience the give and take of career-oriented feedback
  • Learn the value of mentoring relationships and how to utilize mentors throughout life

Alumni learn the power of mentorship:

  • Make a difference in the life and career of a UD undergraduate student
  • Connect with your alma mater in a personal way
  • Take advantage of a valuable opportunity to “give back”
  • Network with fellow UD alumni


Our mentoring pairs are encouraged to communicate at least once per month, but some pairs communicate much more frequently! The program runs from October to April each year. Mentors and mentees meet in person or virtually, supported with resources provided by Alumni Relations and Career Services. They are matched using a mentoring platform called MentorcliQ.

Mentors: Mentors are UD alumni that are at least one year out from graduation. All UD alumni regardless of location can participate in the program. Mentors will meet in person if possible or communicate virtually via phone/video.

Mentees: All students, first year through seniors are eligible to participate in the program. It is both the mentor and the mentee’s responsibility to keep in regular contact with each other on a monthly basis. There will be a kick-off event and mid-year celebration each academic year as well as suggested events for mentors and mentees to attend.

Apply to the Program

Students and alumni are matched each September. If you are an alum or student interested in participating in the program for the academic year please fill out the AMP Interest Form.

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Program Coordinators and Contact Information

Ashley Kessler ‘07 | Alumni Mentor Coordinator, Alumni Relations |

Eilis Wasserman | Student Mentee Coordinator, Career Services |

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