Career Development Courses

Choosing Your Career - Mark D. Sisson

UDI 166 M1, Tuesday & Thursday

Employment Readiness - Lisa Warren, Shirley Favors and Sylvie Stewart
This course is specifically designed for junior & senior level students however, is open to all students. This 3-part course is designed to: 1)help students learn how to create an individual job strategy for their part-time, summer, internship or full-time employment interest; 2) help students learn how to conduct themselves professionally in any business setting; 3) and help students understand how to build a successful career brand/marketing image once they land a job.

UDI 359 M1-Job Strategies, Tuesday & Thursday. Conducting your job search can be a daunting task, but breaking it down into manageable steps will help you be successful. In this section you will find information to help you in the process.

UDI 352 M2-Job Professionalism, Tuesday & Thursday. Acquire professionalism with ease and become more self assured in business interactions.

UDI 359 M3-Job Success, Tuesday & Thursday. Become a highly desirable employee by understanding career leadership skills most desired by employers, such as professionalism, problem solving, respecting workforce boundaries and diversity.

To register for a Mini-Course get a drop/add form from Registration (Albert Emanuel Hall 240). Mark "Mini-Course" and complete the form. Then have the form signed by your dean or advisor. Take the form to registration for processing. While no payment is necessary, remember, if you want to drop a Mini-Course, you must file the usual drop/add form or an "F" will appear on your grade report.

Mimi-Course credit hours are based on contact hours. You must attend all the classes in order to receive the credit.
Mimi-Courses are free of charge if you are a full-time UD undergraduate, even if it puts you over 18 semester hours.

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