Accounting Interns

Registration Information

1. Login to Handshake and enter or update your student profile, then upload your résumé. Choose Accounting Intern Pending applicant type.

2. After your résumé is submitted correctly, you will be released. Upon release, you will be able to submit an interview request with the accounting firms. The firms will then consider you for on-campus interviews. If you are selected to interview in the fall, you will be able to sign up on any schedule for which you are selected.

3. You must attend an Accounting Intern Informational Session to fill out a paperwork and receive updated information on the fall recruiting season. If you do not attend the Information Session and plan on working the spring term, you must make an appointment Information concerning companies recruiting on campus can be viewed in Handshake. 

Early Work Term Form - Please use this form to send us information after you begin your work term.

Requirements of the Co-op Program

  1. Registered for co-op and $65.00 fee paid. (Invoiced by Bursars office)
  2. Complete and submit paperwork to our office: acceptance form, early work term form, three page report, and employer evaluation.

Some students choose to look for a work experience in cities other than Dayton or Cincinnati. Career Services may have contacts in those locations. Once accepted into Handshake, the ability to search the Employer database by name, location, etc. is available.

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