An Internship can be a part-time or full-time, paid or non-paid position, during the school year or summer months. It may be part of an educational program that is carefully monitored and evaluated for credit by an Academic Unit or part of a learning plan that the student develops. Each Academic Unit sets pre-conditions and requirements for Internship credit.

Benefits of Participation in an Internship Program

  • Part-time work in a position related to your major while attending classes.
  • Earn money while gaining on the job experience.
  • Opportunity to network with companies for possible future full-time employment.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Registered undergrad or grad student.
  • International students must be registered full-time according to INS Rules and Regulations.
  • Jobs are offered to students at all levels and are determined by the needs of the company hiring.

Application Procedure for Internships Posted by Career Services

  • Enter or update your information and résumé in Handshake.
  • View and apply for jobs.
  • Contact your academic department for information about receiving credit.

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