Frequently Asked Questions

What topic areas does the Center address?
  •         Leadership
  •         Growth
  •         Strategy
  •         Change
How many programs may a leader from a partner organization attend each year?

A partner organization may send multiple representatives to Executive Development Programs, Emerging Leader Programs and/or Supervisor/Professional Programs. Once partners have utilized a full partnership, they may purchase additional seats for Executive Development Programs at a reduced partner rate.  A minimum number of partnership units must be purchased in advanced in order to receive the reduced partner rate. 

There are many leadership development programs. How is the Center for Leadership different?

The Center for Leadership at the University of Dayton is unique in that it provides opportunities not only for the participants in its programs, but also for the partners of the center. The Center hosts leadership development sessions, here in Dayton, by nationally recognized business leaders — leaders suggested by our partners as being on the cutting edge. This allows us to create a unique "shared corporate university" with our partners, in which participants receive the skills they need to lead their organizations and partners also gain unique opportunities for networking.

Are there different levels of partnership for different size organizations?

Yes, the Center has developed a flexible approach to program selection and pricing. There are different levels of partnerships to fit the needs of individual organizations ranging from an introductory partnership, in which a few seats may be purchased in our programs, to full partnerships, where multiple seats across all of the center's programs may be utilized.

How do I obtain more information about becoming a partner?

To discuss a partnership that would meet your organization's development needs, contact:




Center for Leadership

300 College Park 
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7025