MEE 499 Intersession Program

The School of Engineering is committed to global learning. That's why they are partnering with the University of Dayton China Institute to provide students a two-week, education abroad opportunity in China, held during the spring 2016 intersession.

Over the two-week period, students will take an intensive engineering course - MEE 499: "Robot Motion Analysis and Kinematic Synthesis of Machines" - while exploring the rich cultures of Beijing, Suzhou and Shanghai. To complement the academic and cultural component of this experience, students will participate in corporate site visits. This program is open to Mechanical, Electrical, Computer and Civil Engineering students with a minimum of 60 credit hours completed by January 1, 2016. 75 credit hours completed is preferred.

Tours and Excursions

While visiting China, students will experience three major Chinese cities. Students will begin their journey in Beijing, a city of more than 2,500 years of history and China’s foremost political and cultural center. Students will then travel to Suzhou and visit Suzhou Industrial Park, known as China’s ‘Silicon Valley’ and home to the University of Dayton China Institute and one-third of the world’s Fortune 500 companies. Students will end their trip in Shanghai, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world.

Course Description

This is a course about studying and designing things that move. The goal is to arrive at both an intuitive and theoretically sound approach to describing, analyzing and designing various mechanical systems. The course is comprised of four significant parts. The first part is concerned with sketching (on paper or in CAD) and answers questions about planar motion from understanding basic geometry. The second part presents the mathematical theory used to describe motion, called kinematics. The third part is the study of robot kinematics. This includes developing the relationships between the joint positions and motions of the robot and the resulting gripper locations and velocities. The fourth part uses kinematics to help synthesize planar mechanisms.

This course counts as a technical elective for Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Civil Engineering, toward the Minor in Mechanical Systems and toward the Concentration in Robotics in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering.

Program Prerequisites

Students must have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours by January 1, 2016 (75 credit hours completed is preferred), have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, be in good academic and behavioral standing with the University of Dayton and have an interest in studying abroad.  No prior international travel experience is required.

Program Dates and Cost

The spring 2016 intersession program will take place January 2-14, 2016.  Students depart from the United States on Saturday, January 2 and arrive in Beijing on Sunday, January 3.  Students depart from Shanghai on Thursday, January 14 and arrive in the United States on the same day (due to the time change).

The total program cost for this intersession program is $4,700, which includes tuition, international airfare and visa costs, housing and accommodations, meals, transportation and associated tours and excursions.

Application Process

The deadline for this intersession program is Friday, October 16. You may apply for the program at any time. When applying, please make sure to select "Spring", "2016" and "MEE 499" in the appropriate fields on the application form. You may access the application form by clicking here

For questions regarding the MEE 499 Intersession Program, please contact Dr. Andrew Murray at For more information on the University of Dayton China Institute, please click here

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