China Trip 2016 - Mitch Tomlin

Mitch Tomlin, who participated in the School of Business Administration's INB 352 Intersession Program, created this video about his experience in China. Enjoy this video to see a glimpse of what programs offered through the China Institute are really like!

Two Weeks in China. Once in a Lifetime Experiences.

Walking around Beijing on our first night in the city, I found myself surprised at how comfortable I felt and how much it seemed like any other city I had visited. Before arriving, probably like any other college student traveling to China, I was expecting to be thrown into a society so different and foreign that I wouldn't feel welcomed at all. As the trip progressed, I started to disagree with my original thought. China was different, interesting and new. Although it was not like any other places I have traveled, I continued to feel welcomed as part of a group and as an individual wherever we went.

As part of the intersession business program, our group of 15 students went on many corporate visits, all of which were informative and engaging. We were able to learn about the modern business environment in China while discussing the issues with experienced executives. These meetings were indeed once in a lifetime opportunities, but what stood out to me most were the sightseeing and cultural experiences that surrounded them. From climbing the Great Wall, to befriending Chinese citizens, to witnessing the magic of the Shanghai skyline, we were forced to step out of our comfort zones and immerse ourselves in Chinese culture. It was during these moments that I learned the most and made some of the greatest friends.

In the two short weeks that I spent in China, I learned more and experienced more of the world than I ever have. It truly was an experience I will remember and cherish for a lifetime.

Madeline Collins, Sophomore, Discover Business - INB 352 Intersession Program

Madeline Collins - Corporate Visit

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