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The study of engineering is, in a way, the study of the future. Anticipating the needs of others. Improving communities. Dreaming up new advances and then getting busy to make them a reality. It’s about benefiting humankind by coming together to solve problems and eliminate challenges that hold us back. By studying engineering at UD, nothing will hold you back. You'll have countless opportunities to apply your curiosity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit in the lab and in the professional world. But first, you have to enroll.


Success Rate

2014-2015 graduates

Employment Destinations

Boeing, BP, Cummins, Eaton Corporation, Emerson Climate Technologies, Ford Motor Company, GE Aviation, GE Healthcare, Honda, International Paper, Johnson & Johnson, NASA, The Dannon Company and Westinghouse Electric Company.

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From researching better designs for all-terrain wheelchairs as part of a National Science Foundation program, to helping turn an old parking lot into a new sustainable garden with The Foodbank, Inc., to creating solar refrigeration devices in developing nations, you'll have countless opportunities to engage in work you're passionate about so you can take the first step at making a difference in people’s lives.


At UD, learning always extends far beyond the classroom. You could work with engineers from Emerson on heating and cooling projects in the newly opened Helix Innovation Center. You could travel the globe with ETHOS to use your engineering skills for humanitarian purposes. And you could find an incredible engineering co-op that provides a paycheck as well as real-world experience.