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Throughout time, science has been at the center of great breakthroughs and innovations. That’s why our programs emphasize scientific knowledge, theory and hands-on experience. You’ll have the chance to conduct research with professors who are also active scholars and have the opportunity to get published. And when you graduate, you’ll be prepared to take the first step at solving some of today’s biggest challenges and make a significant difference in the world. But first, you have to enroll.


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2016 graduates

Recent Employment Destinations

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Environmental Protection Agency, Manchester Memorial Hospital, Procter & Gamble, Rochester Museum and Science Center, Teradata

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From assisting on projects that could someday improve the way heart bypass surgeries are conducted, to studying invasive plant life with the National Science Foundation, to working on state-of-the-art genetic or infrared detector research, you’ll have countless opportunities to engage in work you’re passionate about so you can take the first step at making a difference in people’s lives.


At UD, learning always extends far beyond the classroom. You could design and “ride” your own virtual reality roller coaster. Volunteer with our on-campus EMS rescue squad. Or help serve thousands of patients in Nicaragua alongside the dozens of premedical students who travel there each year with Global Brigades. Our commitment to experiential learning is one of the reasons we’re ranked No. 14 “Best Schools for Internships” in the nation by The Princeton Review.