New Horizons Music Program 2018

Spring 2018: January 18 – April 28

New Horizons Band trombone player

Bands and Lessons

We offer various levels of instruction for beginning through intermediate musicians, in individual as well as group settings, on Thursday mornings. You make the decision as to which level to enter.

The Rising Stars beginning band, the intermediate concert band and individual lessons meet at the same time in different rooms, which gives you the option to switch levels at any time. We also offer a jazz band for those who play at the intermediate level or better. Jazz band membership must be approved by the director, with consideration given to seniority and instrumentation needs. Small ensembles such as quartets, trios, etc., are also available .

Beginning Jazz Band
Periodically we offer a beginning jazz program for experienced musicians who wish to expand their horizons. Beginning jazz band participants must have at least a year of experience playing their chosen instrument and must be able to read music written for their instruments. Beginning jazz is an intergenerational program offered at the Hadley E. Watts Middle School in Centerville, Ohio, for UD New Horizons members and Watts Middle School students. It will not be offered during the spring semester, but we hope to have a beginning jazz camp in Summer 2018.


We generally follow the University of Dayton academic calendar.

Locations & Times:

  • The Rising Stars beginning band and concert band rehearse from 8:45 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Thursdays.  Small group and individual instruction also may be given at this time. Temple Beth Or at 5275 Marshal Road, Kettering
  • Jazz band and most small ensembles rehearse from 11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Thursdays. Temple Beth Or at 5275 Marshal Road, Kettering


  • $90 for Rising Stars beginning, concert or jazz band alone, $180 yearly
  • $135 for BOTH the concert and jazz bands, $270 yearly
  • Cancellations received after the session begins are non-refundable


There will be at least two performances per term (often more). Those who wish to participate in performances must purchase a UD NHMP performance polo shirt ($25).

Other Information

  • There is no limit to the number of participants in beginning band, beginning jazz band, and concert band. Jazz band has a limit on participants due to standard jazz band instrumentation.
  • Small ensembles are available with membership and participation in concert or jazz band.
  • Individual lessons are encouraged. Contact Linda Hartley to arrange lessons taught by UD music education students.
  • Instruments may be rented or purchased from any local music dealer.
  • We recommend ordering all books from Stanton’s Sheet Music (1-800-42-MUSIC or, at a local music store, or another online site.



Price (approximation)

Beginning Concert Band

Essential Elements Book 1


Concert Band

Foundations for a Superior Performance



Register online:

To register by mail, download the 2018 NHMP registration form (PDF) >>

Or, call University of Dayton Special Programs and Continuing Education: (937) 229-2347


Dr. Linda Hartley, music director, at (937) 229-3232 or  or Dottie Wise, president, at (937) 470-3463 or for additional information.

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