Friends and Supporters

Thank you to all Life Members, Distinguished Service Life Members, Friends and Financial Supporters. Your support and hard work have contributed greatly to the success of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Dayton.

Express Your Pride

Express your pride in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Dayton with merchandise that has been created with you in mind. UDOLLI has partnered with the University of Dayton Bookstore to showcase this collection that allows you to show your support of this special program in a subtle and professional way. The proceeds from the sale of these items will support UDOLLI initiatives and programming, and can be purchased through a Web store created just for UDOLLI.

Visit the UD Osher store >>

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Life Members

Joyce Applewhite
Donald Barrett
Dick and Marge Beach
Beerman Foundation
Chuck Berry
Karla D. Boyles
Gail Brockman
Carol and John Bucklew
Charles Carroll
Margaret Carroll
Wanda O’Dell Carton*
Jack Cartwright
Frances Duell
Nora Duffy*
James and Esther Eiting
Theresa Fechek
Brother Raymond Fitz, S.M.
David M. Foerste*
Lewis and Joyce Gates
Bonnie and Fred George
Mary Glennon*
Mary Elaine Gran*
Bill Hoben*

Norma Hutzler*
David Israel*
Tom Keller
Virginia Kettering*
Bud Klein*
Marge Klein
Jacqueline Lawless
John Lombard*
Barbara Macaulay*
Jim Madden*
Patricia Madden
Irene Maresca*
Tony Maresca*
Janet Matthews
Thurman Mattingly
Nancy McCormick
Doris Mitchell
Jeff and Julie Mitchell
NCR Foundation
Robert O’Connor
Marylou Reisinger-Schwinn*
Michael Reichard
Lloyd Richardson Sr.*

Mary Jane Ryan
Edwin L. and Nancy L. Ryan Jr.
William Schaff
William Schuerman
Ellie Shulman
Judy A. Smith
H.E. and Margaret Thurman
Louise Van Vliet
Ruth Weber
Mikki White
Veronica Winwood
Jean Woodhull*
John Wurst*
Carolyn Young*

Lloyd Richardson
Award for
Distinguished Service

Lloyd Richardson Sr.*
Richard F. Beach
Pat Madden

*Denotes deceased

Friends and Financial Supporters

2016 – 2017 Fiscal Year
Marge and Dick Beach
Lisa Blum
Richard Clark
Matthew Dunne
Woodhull Family
Carol and Wallace Farquhar Nugent
Edward Geraghty
Adele Good
Louanne Handley Blair
W.A. Huffman
James Hughes
William Kasch
Dave and Pat Leff
Jeanne Leist
Franklin Lewis
Pat Madden
Eileen Neiman
Robert Nevin
Nora Sharkey
Hallock Swift
Ellie and Tom Shulman
Michael Thuney
Kathleen Turner
Sandra Vining


Marge Klein in memory of Rudolph (Bud) Klein
Richard and Marge Beach in memory of Father Bill Thomas



Without the moderators volunteering their time and expertise, we could not have the UDOLLI Program - Spring2017.

Mary Ann Bajus
Fred Bartenstein
Rabbi Karen Bodney-Hala
Laureene Bollinger
John Bramhall
Jason Bush
CarolAnn Cannon
Mark Cannon
Rabbi Judy Chessin
Paul Cooper
Rick Cothern
Oliver Davis
Bill and Ann Deitzer
Yvonne Dunphe
Peg Farmer
Carol Farquhar Nugent
Jim Faulconer
Ann Finnicum
Sharon Fulcher
Jame Gallagher
Mary Ann Gasior
Seth Gordon
Maribeth Graham
Patty Griswold
Michael McFadden
Jeff Mitchell
Gary Mitchner
Bill Muse
Robert Obach
Steven Offord
Fred Oliver
Rev. Dr. John Paddock
Patrick Palermo
Richard Prigozen
Mary Ann Riordan
Mark Risley
William Roberts
Enrique Romaguera
James Romer
Cathy Rosenbaum
Gary Ruff
John Guenin
Jack Harless
Glenn Harper
Terry Hawk
Alex Heckman
Paula Hemmerly
Frank Henninger
Janet Hess
Jeffrey Hoagland
Gary Hollander
Larry Hollar
Tim Hrastar
Tracey Jackson
R. Alan Kimbrough
Connie King
Joanie Krein
Sharath Krishna
Sam Kurtz
Buddy LaChance
Franklin Lewis
Judi MacLeod
Terry Martin
David Mathews
Bradley McDonald
Mike Schumacher
Bill and Ann Schurerman
Bob Sherman
Eric Spina
J. Robert Suriano
Mike Taint
Jacqui Theobald
Tom Thickel
Sharon Trekell
Al Turnbull
Dennis Turner
Nicholas Weldy
Ronald Whitehead
Walt Wurst
Ping Yang
Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski