About the Cybersecurity & Data Intelligence Center

The Center for Cybersecurity & Data Intelligence will foster collaborative research and experiential learning in an engaging, multifunctional hub space in the heart of the University of Dayton campus. The impetus for a cyber center stems from a growing need for trained cyber workforce as well as new, better methods for mitigating cyber threats.

By bringing together experts from different disciplines to collaboratively address data security and analysis, the center will drive developments in the theory and practice of cybersecurity and data intelligence. It will provide an emphasis on understanding and predicting cyber risks, as well as responding to and recovering from cyber-attacks.

In the arena of data intelligence, the center will also explore and utilize rich techniques, such as data mining and machine learning. It is envisioned that the convergence of data intelligence and cybersecurity may produce more effective and resilient information security practices. In addition, the center will host tools and applications needed for data analysis, allowing organizations to develop new knowledge and make better informed decisions.

Facilities for Teaching, Learning, and Research

As the center grows as an experiential learning hub, a multi-purpose teaching and research space is planned within the University's central IT division.

The learning/research facility will provide a hub for strategic partnerships with industry professionals and community members. Deploying new tools and processes, the facility will support better cybersecurity decisions driven by data. It will also provide a space to train graduates on current and evolving threat landscapes. As a dedicated/isolated network and data center infrastructure, the hub will host real-world simulations across the threat spectrum. Additionally, the hub will feature an experiential, hands-on lab space for multi-disciplinary teaching and learning.

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