Some Things You Should Know: Planning Your Catered Event

Whether you call the office or send an email, please be prepared and remember to include these few facts:

Include Contact Information:

  • Department Name or Department Affiliation and/or Group Name

  • Account Number or Indicate Payment Type

  • Name of Event Organizer/ Your Name

  • Best Contact Number

  • Best Email Address

Include Reservation Information:

  • Reservation Number

  • Event Date

  • Room Number and Building

  • Start and Finish Times

  • Estimated Number of Guests

  • Noted Dietary Restrictions

  • Program Agenda

  • Room Layout


Be Mindful:

To ensure that Catering Services provides the highest quality of service, please keep in mind:

  • Menus should be selected within the following time frames to avoid late order fees. Please note that a 10% surcharge (a minimum of $10.00) will be added to the invoice total if the order is placed late.

                            Served Meals & Buffets, Break Services, Receptions or Deliveries - (7) business days

                            Free Deliveries, Small Breaks, Boxed Lunches or Pick- up Orders  - (5) business days

  • Menu changes are an anticipated occurance when planning any Catered Event, however, it is asked to please provide as much of the guaranteed information as possible the first time you call to help reduce the number of times an order is changed. You can further assist with this by calling in your headcount no earlier than (3) business days prior to the event date.
  • Though you may be giving Catering Services a day or two notice, a great deal of pre-event work has already gone into preparing for the event. It is asked to please provide notice of an event cancellation no later than (4) business days prior to the event date. The following time frames are subject to additional fees.

                             Event Cancellations (3) business days prior to the event date - 25% Cancellation Fee

                             Event Cancellations (2) business days prior to the event date - 50% Cancellation Fee

                             Event Cancellations the day of the event - 100% of the cost

                             *(exceptions may be made only for severe weather conditions)

                              *(a business day is defined as Monday thru Friday, not including the day of service)