Catering Policies and Procedures

  • Booking Procedures
  • Delivered Events
  • Pick-up Orders
  • Service Standards
  • Guaranteed Attendance
  • Payments
  • Event Cancellations
  • Holiday Charge
  • Dietary Restrictions
  • Leftover Food 
  • Outside Food/Beverage Vendors
  • Liquor/Beer Service
  • Alcohol Service at Student Events
  • Inclement Weather Conditions

Booking Procedures

Before planning any catering needs for your event, please make sure that you have space reserved. To reserve space for your event being held in Kennedy Union, KU Field, The Adele Center (formerly McGinnis), Virginia Kettering or Lawnview, please consult the Center For Student Involvement at 937- 229-3333. They will also take care of room set up and any A/V equipment needs. For information about other reservable spaces on campus, they will be happy to assist you.

Menus must be selected within the following time frame to avoid late order fees:

  • Served Meals & Buffets, Break Services, Receptions or Deliveries — (7) business days  
  • Free Deliveries, Small Deliveries, Boxed Lunches and Pick-up orders — (5) business days


This allows Catering Services the opportunity to prepare for your event with superior service. An additional charge of 10% of the total price of the event, with a minimum of $10.00, will be assessed on orders that are requested outside of the required time frame/s. We will continue to accept new orders only until we reach the limit of our service capabilities. Factors such as kitchen production capability, availability of delivery staff and servers, and the number of transportation vehicles required will be considered.

*Business days are defined as Monday thru Friday  (8:30am to 4:30pm) and do not include the day of service.

Delivered Events

Any event that is delivered to the Arena or other University property (excluding Curran Place
and Kennedy Union) will have a 10% delivery charge added to the total bill. There is a
minimum order of $50.00 for delivered breaks on campus outside of KU and and a minimum
order of $500.00 for all staffed meals and receptions, exclusive of the delivery charge. Events
held off campus will be assessed a delivery fee based on time and location.

Any client hosting an unstaffed “drop-off” event will assume responsibility for all Catering
Services equipment. Charges for missing equipment will be billed to the sponsoring department
or group. Catering Services will pick up equipment and any leftover food. Catering Services will
discard all left-over food as directed with food safety protocol; this may include donating to a
food bank. Catering Services is not responsible for the cleanup of the event area. Catering will
determine the time for retrieval of all equipment. If the event is not over within the specified time,
resulting in a return trip by our staff, a $50.00 charge will be added to the final invoice to cover
additional labor costs. This charge can be avoided by requesting a new pick up time one business
day in advance.

*Catering Services is not responsible for providing or setting up tables for ​delivery only ​events.
It is the responsibility of the client to provide adequate table space to accommodate the order.
It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that any facility is opened at least 30 minutes prior
to the order time ​for delivery. If Catering Services has to set up tables, or wait for a room or ​
building to be opened, there will be an additional $50.00 minimum fee. ​ ​ There will be no “bill
by consumption” for any items ordered through catering. All items delivered by Catering
Services are automatically charged to the event, whether consumed or not. We appreciate your
understanding and cooperation with this policy.

Pick-up Orders

You may pick up your order at Kennedy Union’s second floor catering kitchen located across from the
Center for Student Involvement. All catering equipment must be returned within 24-hours of the event to the same location. Business hours are Monday – Friday; 8:30a - 4:30p. All pick - up orders include disposable service.

Service Standards

  • Service staff needs for your event will be determined by Catering Services and based on the venue, service style requested, group size and menu selection. Additional staff may be requested by the client for a rate of $50.00 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours for special services. Additional service charges may be applied for meals or receptions of less than 10 that require a server or an attendant.

  • For events being held in Kennedy Union, River Campus, or the Arena, event pricing includes glass/china service for most breaks, meals and receptions.

  • Disposableware may be utilized for casual Break Services, Picnics or Pizza Parties. At the request of the client, which will be discussed prior to the event, disposables may be used for any other event. Disposable Service will be used for all events held outside of Kennedy Uion; china service is available for $3 per person at most locations.

  • Tablecloths/ linen napkins  and glass/china service is included in the price of any meal or large reception held at Kennedy Uion, Curran Place or the Arena.

  • All refreshment orders include tablecloths for the food and beverage tables. Any other requested tablecloths may be rented for $5.50 each.

  • Additional skirting needed for non-food table use, such as registration or display tables, as well as requesting Catering Staff to place placecards at each table, will incur an additional $25.00 service fee per table.

  • Non-standard sized tables may not be suitable for skirting and additional charges may be applied for special orderd linens. Linens must be orderd (7) business days in advance of the catered event or additional fees will apply.

*Business days are defined as Monday thru Friday  (8:30am to 4:30pm) and do not include the day of service.

Guaranteed Attendance

A guaranteed number of guests must be submitted to the Catering Services Office at least (5)
business days prior to the event date. If a guaranteed number is not received by the client, the last
noted attendance figures will be considered the guarantee. The client is responsible for 100% of
the guaranteed number, plus any additional meals served. An earlier guarantee date will be
required for groups over 100 guests as well as those with special menus. Headcounts may not be
lowered less than (5) business days prior to the event date. Additional guests may be added
within 48 hours of the event, but we cannot guarantee the same meal for all guests.


Student Organizations and any groups without a department account number will be required to pay 100% of their estimated bill (3) business days prior to the event date. Any additional or remaining charges will be billed after the event. All payments may be made via check, money order or charge card.

Event Cancellations

Events canceled (3-5) business days in advance will be subject to an automatic 40% cancellation
fee and additional charges may be accessed to cover our expenses or losses due to the
cancellation. Cancellations made less than 3 business days prior to the event will be charged the
full amount, with exceptions only considered for severe weather conditions.

*Business days are defined as Monday thru Friday (8:30am - 4:30pm) and do not include day of service.

Holiday Charge

An additional service charge of 25% of the total invoice will be incurred for the following holidays. Please contact Catering Services Management for further event planning details:

  • New Year’s Day

  • Easter

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas

Special Dietary Restrictions

It is the responsibility of the event host to find out if any special menus are needed for guests. Catering is able to accommodate most special dietary requests with sufficient notice. Specific information regarding the guest name and dietary requirement must be provided to Catering Services (3) business days prior to the event date. Last minute requests take time to prepare and the guests may have to wait for their meal or Catering Chefs may not have items on hand. If you are unsure of your guest preferences, we recommend that you order extra meals including vegetarian and gluten- free to accomodate for last minute requests.

Leftover Food

Due to public health and safety concerns, no food is to be removed from catered events.
Exceptions may be made for non-temperature controlled or prepackaged food items. The University
of Dayton Catering Operations adheres to all health department laws regarding length of buffet/break service.

Outside Food & Beverage Vendors

No outside food or beverages, with the exception of wedding cakes, may be brought into
Kennedy Union, Kennedy Union Plaza or Patio, The Central Mall, Curran Place, Arena Flight
Deck, Arena Boesch Lounge or Virginia Kettering Residence Hall. All food and beverage items must
be purchased through University of Dayton Catering Services. Please contact The University of
Dayton Catering for assistance.

Liquor and Bar Service

University of Dayton Catering Services will supply Bar Services at the following locations:

  • Kennedy Union

  • Virginia Kettering Hall (meeting rooms, dining hall and terraces)

  • Keller Hall (patios and adjacent green space)

  • Roesch Library (first and ground floors)

  • Frericks Center

  • Rike Center (first floor)

  • Anderson Center (first floor)

  • Miriam Hall (first floor and patio)

  • Humanities Center (first floor and patio)

  • Humanities Plaza (lawn area)

  • Kettering Labs (first and fifth floors, patio, and adjoining plaza)

  • Sherman Hall and adjoining KU plaza

  • Science Center (first floor and patio- including walkway)

  • Wohleben Hall (first floor)

  • Marianist Hall (first and second floors- non-residential)

  • RecPlex including patio

  • Arena  Flight Deck

  • Arena Boesch Lounge

  • Curran Place (ground level and outside patio area)

Bar Service is available from 11AM to 12AM, Monday – Saturday. Sunday Bar Service is restricted to beer and soft drinks only at all permitted locations, with the exception of River Campus; no Sunday sales. Due to State of Ohio Regulations, no carry in of alcoholic beverages will be permitted at any of the locations listed above. Full Bar Service or Partial Bar Service will be assessed per person/ bartender fee. Drinks will be charged individually or by the bottle. No “self-serve bars”  are allowed on permitted premises. Under certain circumstances, special F-2 permits may be applied for with the Ohio State Division of Liquor Control in conjunction with UD Catering, to provide bar service to areas not listed as permitted premises. Please contact a Catering Coordinator to determine how we may assist in areas outside of our designated locations.

Alcohol Service at Student Events

All recognized student organizations that wish to have alcohol available are required to be approved by The Center For Student Involvement.  No alcohol will be served without the presence of an advisor or UD police officer. All events with alcohol must be held inside Kennedy Union.  Individuals must be 21 to purchase alcohol and will be required to show a valid photo ID. Students who are of legal age will be allowed to purchase one drink at a time; no pitchers of beer will be available. The host group or individuals sponsoring the event must follow all state, local, and University laws, rules and regulations regarding the distribution of alcohol and may be liable for damages resulting from improper or irresponsible behavior.

Inclement Weather Conditions

Please be advised that although campus may be shut down due to inclement weather, Kennedy Union and Catering Services are still open. We will go on the assumption, unless we hear from the contact person for each event, the event will still be taking place.

If you are planning to cancel due to the weather, please give Catering as much notice as possible. We will determine, at that point, any charges that may be incurred. At the very least, a cancellation fee on catered events will be assessed to cover the cost of labor that has already gone into the planning of execution.

If you need to cancel a catering order, please call the Catering Office. Please call the alternate
numbers after business hours:

  • Catering Office - (937) 229-2216
  • Catering Operations Kitchen (Kennedy Union) - (937) 229-2232
  • Catering Operations Kitchen (Curran Place) - (937) 229-2254
  • Catering Chef Kitchen - (937) 229- 4928
  • Catering Supervisors (Curran Place) - (937) 229- 2276