What's The Difference:

Flyer Express

Flyer Express is a prepaid declining balance account that may be used to pay for purchases at participating on and off campus locations (UD Bookstore, UD Dining Facilities,  Print & Copy Services, Campus Laundry Facilities, Brown Street Vendors). A Flyer Express account balance will carry over until the student graduates or terminates all affiliations with the University of Dayton. At that time, any remaining balance will be refunded, providing the balance is greater than $10.

Meal Plans

Each meal plan (Standard, Flex, Neighborhood, FacStaff) is exclusive to campus dining facilities. The Standard & Flexible Plans are designed for students living a residence hall, while the Neighborhood Plan is designed to allow students living in a UD apartment or house, or those who commute to campus to have a meal plan. The Neighborhood Plan may also be used to supplement the Standard, or Flex Plans.

Standard and/or Flexible Plans are purchased per semester, while the Neighborhood Plan is pay-as-you-go and a 10% bonus is given for each $100 add. Flexible & Neighborhood balances roll over to the following semester, however, at the end of the year, any remaining funds left on a Flexible Plan, only half up to a maximum of $300 will be refunded to the student. Any additional monies will be forfeited as will any remaining Neighborhood funds.

The FacStaff Plan is designed for faculty and staff of the campus community. This provides individuals the freedom of not having to carry cash or credit cards to make food purchases within any campus dining facility. For every $50 purchase, a 10% bonus will incur, complimentary of Dining Services. Funds may be added at any time and will remain on an individual account until affiliation with the University of Dayton has been terminated. At this time, any remaining balance will be refunded, providing the balance is greater than $10.