Micro Restaurants

We are evaluating times now and we do anticipate that most venues will be open Sunday through Friday.

Below is a rendering of the general seating area for the new micro restaurants.

General Seating Rendering

Ground Floor Plan


This will be open for lunch and dinner. This venue is where East meets West. We are cooking up your favorites from pasta to egg rolls. We will introduce you to various flavors from around the globe. Italian, Indian, Chinese just to name a few of some of our rotating cuisines.

Spice Rendering


We anticipate that this venue will be open for lunch and dinner. Toss will be serving Fresh made to order gourmet served salads that the customer creates. Also available will be specialty toppings such as chicken and roasted vegetables.

In addition in this venue will be pizza. We will be making personal size made to order pizzas as well as our daily special and pizza by the slice. You will see specialty equipment such as our Evo grill. This specialty grill will cook everything from chicken, vegetables and pita bread. These items will be used in our specialty salad area as well as our Mediterranean Hummus bar, again made to order.

Toss Rendering


We are anticipating that this may be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here you will find your traditional down home cooking. From smoked meats, to rotisserie chicken and from baked beans to roasted potatoes. So be prepared to sink your teeth into some of the finest BAR-BE-QUE you have ever tasted.