What Students Say

In 2008, UD dining changed its only All- You-Care-To-Eat (AYCTE) dining hall to an a la carte venue because it was not popular. Research indicated that quality was a perceived factor and carryout was not allowed. In 2012, this a la carte dining hall at Virginia Kettering was converted to a cutting edge, state of the art, (2) restaurant concept (Passports and The Grainary). Students can use his/her meal plan at these restaurants, plus all other UD dining and snack locations: Kennedy Union Micro-restaurants (Spice, Toss, Que'), Marycrest Dining, The Emporium, Brown Street Bistro, Riverview Cafe', The Galley, The Chill and Stuart’s Landing.

There are only two (2) meal plans, the Standard and the Flexible. They are both the same price yet structured differently. One is a better financial value if used correctly and one is more popular for a variety of reasons. Here is what UD students are saying:

Standard Plan Testimonials

David: “My parents and I did the math and you get more money from the Standard versus the Flexible. I was convinced the Flex Plan would be the better option, but after seeing the numbers, I had to go with the Standard!

Stephanie: “I know on the Standard Plan that I won't run out of money before the semester ends.

Zoe: “I chose the Standard because you get more for the money. My parents were worried that the Flexible Plan would not be enough money for the whole semester and they wanted to make sure I would eat at least three meals a day.

Evan: “The Standard Plan presented a greater value for the money spent. I didn’t want to run out of meal money. Eating within the dining times does not stifle my ability to eat when I want to and if I need to eat outside of the meal times, the bonus $100 debit dollars makes that easy as well.

Megan: "I am a student athlete and am pretty disciplined with my workouts. Having designated times to eat fit into my routine pefectly. Also, knowing how much money I have to spend helps me plan my meal prep better."

Scott: "The Standard Plan provides some structure in an otherwise chaotic schedule, for me. I always make sure I go at designated meal times and spend the full allowance. I get my money's worth, plus I eat three meals a day."

Flexible Plan Testimonials

Zack: “The Flexible Plan is just more convenient for my schedule. I am not always able to make it at the times the Standard Plan has set in place, plus I am an athlete and tend to eat bigger, more frequent meals. I am not restricted to the meal allowance of the Standard Plan."

Hunter: “I do not eat breakfast in the morning and I do not spend the same amount of money every day per meal. I have more freedom with the Flex Plan.”

Kara: “I like the Flexible Plan because it is similar to a debit card that can be used anytime. I found the meal times and restricted allowance for each meal to be a huge disadvantage to the Standard Plan. With the Flexible Plan, I have more freedom to choose when and what I want to eat.”

Lee: “I chose the Flexible Plan because of my class schedule. I could not commit to eating at a designated time each day."

Colin: “ I started with the Standard Plan and found it pretty inconvenient. There were times when I was hungry, so I'd go get something and when I went to pay, the cashier would say dinner hasn’t started yet and I already had lunch so I would have to stand around and wait for the dinner meal time unless I paid with cash. Another problem was if I only got a sandwich for lunch that was $5 and had a $7 credit for my meal, I would lose money. When the next semester rolled around, I switched to the Flexible Plan because I figured it would be easier to just pay everything with Flexible. With Flexible, what I don’t use one day I can use it on another day. For me, I get the most out of my money with Flex.”

Sarah: “I eat 5 small meals per day! The Flexible Plan works perfectly for me.”