Residence Hall Students:

Flexible or Standard Plan

Students residing in a traditional residence hall (Marycrest, Founders, Stuart, Virginia Kettering, and Marianist) are required to purchase a meal plan as there is no access to a kitchen for day-to-day use. Students may select the Standard Plan or the Flexible Plan.  Meal Plans may be used in all of the Dining Services’ locations:  Kennedy Union- Microrestaurants (Spice, Toss, 'Que), Au Bon Pain, Marycrest Dining, Virginia Kettering Dining- Passports/Grainary, The Emporium, Brown Street Bistro, Riverview Cafe', Rudy on the Run (Food Truck), The Galley, The Chill and Stuart's Landing.

UD Housing/Apartment or Commuter Students:

Neighborhood Plan

Students in the apartment system or university housing or students that commute to campus may elect to purchase a Neighborhood Meal Plan (usable in Dining Services’ locations only).  Students receive an additional 10% for every $100 purchased. The Neighborhood Plan operates on a declining balance. Unlike the Flexible Plan, money can continuously be added to your Neighborhood Plan and then billed to your student account.