Each dining facility on campus uses compostable materials. Included are such items as cups (hot & cold), lids & straws, carry-out containers, all utensils, soup bowls, sandwich wraps and cookie bags.  Each dining facility also recycles bottles, cans and cardboard.  Limiting the amount of waste going to any landfill should be a priority and within UD's Dining Services, employees are trained to sort food waste, recyclables and compostables, to ensure accurate disposal.


Did You Know?

  • UD Dining started using compostables in 2009 and has successfully diverted several tons of waste from going to the landfill!
  • Dining Services' Central Production kitchen, located on the ground floor of Kennedy Union, uses two Ecovim units to chop and dehydrate fruit and vegetable waste into a usable mulch. The Ecovim machine takes 250 pounds of food waste down to 25 pounds of dry mulch.
  • Because compostable items cost significantly more than other non- ecofriendly items, students are asked to contribute $.10 per to-go container and $.05 per utensil.
  • UD Dining collects compostable waste in three large bins, located behind Kennedy Union, Marycrest and VWK.  When full, these bins are transported to a commercial composting facility (Paygro), located in South Charleston, Ohio.  Students are encouraged to bring compostable waste to any of these three dining locations.
  • Students can help promote sustainability efforts by choosing real items (plates, silverware, etc.) when dining in. Washing and re-using items is better for the environment than purchasing more compostable items, which require more energy and resources to produce.

Dining Services

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