Do You Know About:

The A+ Room

Some students refer to it as a kitchen while others call it a pantry, however, the A+ Room is a safe place where students can acquire something to eat if they have a food allergy or food intolerance. 

Located in Marycrest Residence Hall, the A+ Room means Allergy Friendly, PLUS no more worries! Dining Services prefer that students eat meals in the dining facilities, however, it is understood that sometimes students may need something quick and cannot wait and ask staff members questions about how the food was made or what it contains. The A+ Room is a way to get a quick meal or snack that meets specific dietary needs. 

Foods found in the A+ Room include: gluten free items (bread, bagels waffles), dairy free items (pizza, ice cream, yogurt) and egg/dairy- free/vegan items. These foods range from entrees, to packaged snacks and desserts and beverages. 

The A+ Room contains a microwave, multiple toasters and toaster oven for students to use to prevent cross-contamination from other foods, like wheat, for example, from someone on a gluten-free diet.

The A+ room is maintained by Marycrest Dining staff as well as a dietetic student employed by Dining Services. Door access will need to be granted by Joan Bauman, MS, RD, LD and for more information about the A+ Room, please contact: