Your Health & Wellness Are Important To Us!

The University of Dayton's Dining Services takes great pride in serving the UD community. Investing in your general health & wellness is just one way Dining Services wants to help take care of you!

Eat Well On Campus:

Each Dining Services venue on campus offers multiple meal options to choose from on a daily basis. While you can certainly find foods that might not be so good for you, you can certainly find plenty that are.

UD's dining facilities support the many lifestyles and dietary restrictions of today's generation. From vegeterian to vegan, you can also find gluten- free and halal items in each venue *(halal items are exclusive to VWK Passports). Just log into UD Daily for a menu at each Dining Services location.

 Health & Wellness Resources:

Pick up a Dining Services brochure located in any dining facility, or take a look and download any of the following:


NetNutrition is an online tool that assits its users in making healthy choices to meet their nutritional goals when eating at any UD Dining Services location.

  • Identify and select well- balanced meals
  • Confirm nutritional content of food choices
  • Identify allergens & food intolerances

Click here to try it out!