Terry Allan

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Terry Allan

  • Adjunct


Terry Allan has been an instructor of Science 240, Biology 101, and Science 230 since 2000 at the University of Dayton. He was a Master Teacher for six National Science Foundation Grants focusing on fieldwork in biology and geology for secondary teachers in the Midwest from 1981-88. Mr. Allan also served as the Director of five Summer Programs for Advanced Placement Teachers at Earlham College and West Virginia University from 1989-95. He was an Advanced Placement Instructor at Centerville High School from 1969-99 and an Advanced Placement Consultant from 1979-99. He also taught courses on human biology, nutrition, and, topics in biology at Wilmington College from 2000 to 2003.

Faculty Perspective

The basis of my teaching here at U.D. is helping students to realize the importance of understanding biology and to apply this knowledge to lead longer, healthier and more productive and enriching lives. I have a passion for teaching biology and I enjoying sharing the perspective I bring to the classroom in teaching students who will be engaged in all aspects of life as adults.

Professional Activities

  • Director of Advanced Placement Teacher Workshops in Winnipeg, Canada and Midwest United States

Research Interests

  • Autoradiographic studies of the proliferations of the Y chromosome in Drosophila hydii