Glenn Walters

Media Executive-in-Residence (retired)


Glenn Walters has served as our Media Executive in Residence and retired in 2014.

He came to UD after a 45-year career as a writer, director, and producer of film and television, and teaches courses in the areas of broadcasting, electronic media and mass communication. Glenn's accomplished career brings extensive experience that UD students benefit from. Throughout his career, Glenn pioneered many media innovations. On Indy 500 Race Day in 1956, he inaugurated daily 16mm color film processing services, and provided film services for all three of Dayton's commercial television stations provided sports film services for over forty high schools and universities in the region. That year he also began production and live broadcasting of the television series Enterprise. This series of documentary programs ran on WHIO-TV, Channel 7 continuously for three years and garnered the highest Arbitron ratings of any locally produced program during the period it was on the air.

In the 1960s, he produced several films for Huffy bicycles. Included in one of these films was an interview with President Eisenhower's personal physician and cardiologist, to endorse the health benefits of bicycle riding. These films (which garnered huge viewership) were credited with significantly increasing bike ridership in the U.S., and have been cited in the bicycle industry as a case study in the importance of public relations and consumer information about product values.

In the 1970s and 80s, Glenn did extensive film work for the Cincinnati Bengals and for the NFL. Other projects have included film work on Erma Bombeck and on Orson Wells, a multimedia text on the history of electronic media, and consulting to design and install a corporate video center for Monarch Marking Corporation. In addition, Glenn was a state champion orator in high school and a national runner-up.

Faculty Perspective

"What I like most about teaching at UD is the quality of the students and their families. Even though I am not Catholic, I am constantly impressed by the wonderful values that our students bring with them from their fine Catholic homes. Of course, the non-Catholic students and their parents are excellent as well."


  • M.A., University of Dayton (1987)
  • B.A., Denison University (1952)

Research Interests

  • Film and video production