Meg Maloney

Contact Information

    Meg Maloney

    Sustainability Reps Program Student Leader - Campus Sustainability Education


    Meg Maloney is a sustainability rep working to educate the University of Dayton campus on how to live more sustainably. Currently, Meg is training 25 leaders to host a series of path point events entitled “How to Be Green at UD.” These hour long session help students understand how to live more sustainably and pledge to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Meg is also working to create sustainability modules designed to educate more students on what the university is doing to create a more environmentally conscious campus.

    “Education is one of the keys to creating a better future. The only way we are going to become a more environmentally conscious society, is learning about what is wrong and how we can change it!”

    Academic Program
    • Environmental Biology Major
    • SEE Minor with a GIS Certificate
    • Senior