Ana Ritz

Sustainability Reps Program Student Leader - Green Office Initiative Project




Ana is a Student Leader for the Sustainability Reps Program, which seeks to engage and educate fellow students, faculty and staff on sustainability and sustainable practices on campus. She is currently developing and implementing the initial pilot program for the UD Green Office Initiative (GOI). The goal of the GOI is to help administrative and academic offices at the University of Dayton practice the Catholic, Marianist philosophy of working towards social justice and care for creation. This will be done through a simple self-audit program realized by best practice sustainability engagement and practices.

Student Perspective

“People used to think that we couldn’t pollute the ocean because it was so large,and a few plastic water bottles would have a negligible effect. Now we have garbage patches 1000’s of miles wide. This is proof that small actions can make an enormous impact. Never underestimate the effect of small sustainable actions. You can make a difference, no matter how small!”

Academic Program

  • B.S. in Adolescence to Young Adult Education - Integrated Science Life Science
  • Minor in Biology
  • Junior