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Enrique Romaguera

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My academic research centers in the development of a progressive method for teaching French phonetics to Americans. I have also taught courses in comparative phonetics involving French, Spanish, English and Russian Most recently I developed a course in French Linguistics for UD French majors, especially intended for those who plan to use their knowledge of French to obtain teacher certification in that language. As mentioned above, I have directed over 80 plays in many languages, from many periods of history and from many countries--each of these plays has needed extensive research in order to remain true to the culture and its artistic value. Most recently I have had the honor of staging two world premieres by renowned Mexican dramatist, Dr. Guillermo Schmidhuber de la Mora, who, by the way, inspired me to create my own plays (five to date and one in the works).

Another language interest of mine is the use of creative and cooperative gaming modalities for the teaching of the language. In 1986 I was certified as an Oral Proficiency Tester in French from the basic to the superior levels by the American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages. I continue to do research in effective ways to train students to be proficient in a foreign language.


  • M.A., Ohio University, 1966
  • B.A., University of Dayton, 1965