Lynne Yengulalp

Contact Information

Lynne Yengulalp

Associate Professor

  • Full-Time Faculty


Lynne Yengulalp is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics. She completed her Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in 2009 under the direction of William Fleissner.


  • Ph.D., University of Kansas, 2009

Research Interests

  • General topology
  • Set theory
  • Vector representation of graphs

Selected Publications

"When Cp(X) is domain representable." With William Fleissner. preprint (2012).

"Non-normality Points of beta X\X." With William Fleissner. Fundamenta Mathematicae 214 (2011), 269-283. Preprint.

"Coarser connected metrizable topologies." Topology and its Applications 157 (2010) 2172-2179.

"Coarser connected topologies and non-normality points." Ph.D. dissertation. University of Kansas, 2009.