Jane Zembaty

Contact Information

Jane Zembaty

Professor Emerita

  • Emeritus


Dr. Zembaty publishes in Greek philosophy and social ethics. Since her retirement, she has continued to serve as co-editor for Social Ethics.  


  • Ph. D. Georgetown University

Research Interests

  • Greek Philosophy
  • Social Ethics
  • Philosophy of Literature
  • Social Philosophy

Selected Publications

"Aristotle on Lying," Journal of the History of Philosophy 31 (January 1993): 7-29.

"Lying: A Failure of Autonomy and Self-Respect," Monograph, published by the Western Michigan University Center for the Study of Ethics in Society, May 1992.

"Plato's Republic and the Greek Morality on Lying," Journal of the History of Philosophy, 26 (October 1988): 517-545.