Carl Chen

Contact Information

Carl Chen

Professor & William J. Hoben Chair in Finance

  • Full-Time Faculty

Courses Taught

  • FIN 360 - Investments
  • FIN 480 - Options and Futures Markets
  • MBA 621 - Derivatives and Risk Management


  • University of Georgia, PhD
  • Auburn University, MS
  • National Taiwan University, BA

Research Interests

  • Asset pricing and information
  • Corporate governance
  • Executive compensations
  • Mutual funds and hedge funds

Selected Publications

  • Chen, C., Chen, Y., Chu, C. The Incentive Effects of Executive Stock Options on Corporate Innovative Activities. Forthcoming in Financial Management.
  • Chen, C., Huang, Y. What Type of Traders and Orders Profit from the Futures Market Trading? Forthcoming in Journal of Derivatives.
  • Chen, C., Diltz, D., Huang, Y., Lung, P. (2011). Stock and Option Market Divergence in the Presence of Noisy Information. Journal of Banking and Finance, 35, 2001-2020.
  • Chen, C., Guo, W., Tay, N. (2010). Are Member Firms of Corporate Groups Less Risky? Financial Management, 39, 59-82.
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  • Chen, C., Lung, P., Wang, F. A. (2009). Stock Market Mispricing: Money Illusion or Resale Option? Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 44, 1125-1147.
  • Huang, Y., Chen, C., Camacho, M. (2008). Determinants of Japanese Yen Interest Rate Swap Spreads: Evidence from a Smooth Transition Vector Autoregressive Model. Journal of Futures Markets, 28, 82-107.
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