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Karin Avila-John

IEP Associate Program Manager

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Karin has worked at University of Dayton since it acquired the English Language and Multicultural Institute (ELMI), a program of the Southwestern Ohio Council on Higher Education (SOCHE), in 1993.  She began teaching in ELMI in 1985 after she had taught ESL and Spanish at St. Mary-of-the Woods College in Terre Haute, Indiana. She is now the Program Manager for the Intensive English Program at the University of Dayton. Karin has taught English as a second language for over 30 years both in Argentina and in the United States, and her passion lies with helping non-native speakers with pronunciation. She is originally from Argentina, where she taught English in a variety of learning contexts. She enjoys travel, and visits her friends and family in Argentina as often as she can.


M.A., TESOL, Southern Illinois University (1982)

B.A., Teacher Training (English), Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado - Buenos Aires, Argentina (1979)