Chandra Hightower

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  • Phone: (937) 229-4051

Chandra Hightower

Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion

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Chandra C. Hightower was appointed to support the inaugural vice president for diversity and inclusion on July 1, 2016. Chandra brings nine years of knowledge and experience at the University to the newly created office.

Chandra has played an integral role in laying the foundation for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in its first year. Her level of engagement at the 2017 NADOHE (National Association for Diversity Officers in Higher Education ) conference was substantive as evidenced by her presence at numerous sessions and workshops. These experiences have informed subsequent questions and observations as she participates in various working groups in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Chandra’s process of learning more about the industry has resulted in her being more aware of critical and core issues, which drive the work of the office.

Previously, she reported to past University president Daniel J. Curran and was responsible for (supporting) the board of trustees from January 2008 to July 2016. She and several teams from events planning, catering, information technology and other administrative support staff for each board committee organized the planning and execution for all aspects of the board meetings and retreats. Chandra also was the adviser for the President’s Emissaries, a group of student leaders selected from a rigorous interview process to help share Curran’s leadership vision with the student body. The President’s Emissaries received professional development opportunities while serving as student liaisons to the Office of the President.

Finally, Chandra supported Curran’s leadership team, which included vice presidents, the provost, rector, associate provosts, deans and others. She managed all aspects of organizational communication, business documentation and production, office and records management, and event and project management as a member of the president’s staff.

Chandra earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology from Howard University. She also earned a CAP-OM®-Certified Administrative Professional-Office Management certification from the International Association of Administrative Professionals in November 2002, and renews her certification every five years.