Carolyn Ridenour

Contact Information

  • Email: Carolyn Ridenour
  • Phone: 937-229-3308
  • Location: Raymond L. Fitz Hall, Room 618Q

Carolyn S. Ridenour

Professor Emeritus

  • Part-Time Faculty

Professional activities

  • Advancing Women in Educational Leadership, journal reviewer
  • Educational Policy, journal reviewer
  • American Educational Research Association and University Council for Educational Administration, reviewer
  • Member of AREA, Divisions: A-Administration, Organization, and Leadership; D-Measurement and Research Methodology; G-Social Contest of Education; H-Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Schools; L-Educational Policy and Politics. Special Interests: Mixed Methods Research; Multiple Linear Regression; The General Linear Model; School Choice; Urban Learning; Teaching and Research; Leadership for Social Justice; Ethnicity, Class and Gender; Research on Women and Education.
  • Midwest Educational Research Association

Research Interests

  • Women's and girl's education
  • Urban schools
  • Gender issues in classrooms and learning
  • Research methodology — qualitative, quantitative and mixed

Selected Publications

Refereed articles

Ridenour, C. S., & Hughes, S. H. (In press). A qualitative study of girls talking about their lives in an urban USA single-sex elementary school. The Teacher Educator. Accepted for publication May 2015.

Hughes, S.H., & Ridenour, C. S. (2015). Talking out of school:  Crossing and extending borders withcollaborative research in girls studies, women's studies, and teachereducation. In A. E. Ginsburg & D. Johnson, (Eds.), Difficult Dialogues About 21st Century Girls, pp. 93-114. Albany: SUNY Press. ISBN13: 978-1-4384-5597-6

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Dahlberg, D., & De Marco, G. M., Daprano, C., & Ridenour, C. S.  (2010). The influence of Title IX on the personal and professional biographies of early career female club volleyball coaches. International Journal of Volleyball Research. 10 (1), 39-47.

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