Beth Stuart

IA Director



Email: Beth Stuart
Phone: 937-229-4595

St. Mary's Hall 303, +1642

Beth Stuart joined the University in 2017. Beth graduated from the University of Findlay with her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Business Economics and Management and with her Masters of Business Administration in Organizational Leadership. She has been in the internal audit industry (primarily financial institutions and payment processing) for eighteen years. She has built multiple risk-based programs during these years and focused on oversight and governance, operations, investments, fiduciary responsibility, compliance, and risk management.  Beth holds the following certifications: Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Professional (GRCP), Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Auditor (GRCA), and Certified Fiduciary & Investment Risk Specialist (CFIRS). 

Beth is establishing the Internal Audit department with a risk-based approach that is inclusive of the entire institution. She strives to build a collaborative approach with everyone to understand our risks and ensure internal controls to protect our institution. She wanted to join the University because of its Marianist values and the feel of a campus community. 

Beth has three children and enjoys spending time with them and her husband. This role has helped her to find a stronger work life balance and believes she is beyond blessed to be part of the University. She has recently decided to attempt learning to knit.