Fr. Thomas Thompson

Contact Information

Fr. Thomas Thompson

Director of the Marian Library

  • Full-Time Faculty


The director of the Marian Library is responsible for the development, maintenance, and accessibility of the multilingual collection of books and periodicals, as well as supplementary holdings comprised of a wide variety of print and nonprint media – all devoted to the role of the Virgin Mary in theology, history, and culture. The director also fosters public relations and communications with other units of the library and the university.

Courses Taught

In the program of the International Marian Research Institute:

  • Research and Bibliography
  • Mary in Modern Church History
  • Mary in Liturgy and Devotion
  • Mary and Ecumenism


  • B.A., University of Dayton (1958)
  • M.A., University of Pittsburgh (1963)
  • S.T.L., University of Fribourg (1968)
  • Ph.D., Pittsburgh Theological - University of Pittsburgh (1977)

Professional Activities

  • Administrative Secretary of the Mariological Society of America
  • Editor of Marian Studies
  • Catholic History Association

Research Interests

  • Hymnody and chant
  • Ecumenism
  • Spirituality and devotion

Selected Publications

"Vatican II and Beyond," in Hilda Graef: Mary: A History of Doctrine and Devotion (Notre Dame: Ave Maria Pess, 2009) 401-455; 525-532.

"Distinctive Traits of Marianist Spirituality," Marian Studies 54 (2003):57-74.

"A Pioneer Document: 'The Virgin Mary in the Plan of God and the Communion of Saints," in Mary for Time and Eternity (Gracewing, 2007), 316-335.