Ashley Klesken

VWK and Irving Commons

Graduate Assistant


Email: Ashley Klesken
Phone: 937.229-2483

VWK 268

Personal History

Though my undergraduate degree is in Industrial (think systems) Engineering from Purdue University, at UD I am pursuing a masters in Theology and a certificate in Pastoral Counseling. These may seem unrelated, but I see theology, Catholicism, and each person as incredibly complex and beautiful systems that are mysteries awaiting me to engage them. My ever-curious brain is always looking for ways to integrate faith and reason, and I love engaging the Catholic intellectual tradition through all the opportunities here at UD! My heart resonates deeply with the learn, lead, and serve motto as I grow deeper in these areas through my ecumenical, pastoral, and leadership interests. I am passionate about integrating faith into everyday life, and I often feel God’s presence through going on a run, calling an old friend, or journaling.