The Grant Center

    The School of Education and Health Sciences (SEHS) Grant Center works under the direction of the Dean of the University of Dayton, SOEAP. 

    Our Mission

    The Grant Center’s focus is on supporting Pre-K–12 education research and demonstration efforts. Special emphases include supporting the following:

    • effective implementation of activities and partnerships that improve conditions and outcomes for students with disabilities and other marginalized groups of learners;
    • systems improvement efforts that have the potential to result in higher levels of learning for all children and youth; and
    • other grant-related work consistent with the priorities of SEHS.

    As a component of the SEHS, the Grant Center works to uphold the philosophy and values of the larger University of Dayton community. As such, the Grant Center has as a fundamental operating principle the provision of service to others, including children and their families, the districts and their schools that serve them, higher education representatives, and other professionals at the local, regional, and state levels.