Instructional Leadership in Catholic Schools certificate

This certificate program focuses on coursework that enhances the ability of students to assist other in curricular and instructional improvement. The certificate program consists of three courses, each worth three semester hours (a total of nine semester hours). The courses focus on leadership and human interaction (EDA 505), curriculum (EDA 511) and instructional leadership (EDA 510).  

The certificate program provides students with needed skills and knowledge to fulfill the role of an "instructional coach." Course content provides students with the skills, abilities and dispositions to effectively work with peers in order to improve instruction.

The courses are distinctly Catholic in nature. Course material relies heavily on Catholic Church documents, and focuses on applying course material in a Catholic school setting.

There is a four-year time limit for completing the certificate.

Courses required for this certificate may fulfill some of the requirements for the Master's Degree in Educational Administration with a Catholic School Leadership Concentration, if the degree completion meets the 10-year time limit.  

For more information, please contact Janice Keivel.

Gainful employment

As part of a federal regulation focusing on Title IV programs, the University of Dayton is providing required information about how our non-degree programs lead to gainful employment in recognized careers. You may review gainful employment information for the Instructional Leadership in Catholic Schools certificate program.

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