Alumni Testimonials

Alumni testimonials, College Student Personnel

What do graduates of the College Student Personnel program think about their experiences at the University of Dayton? Read insights from our alumni below:

Nikki Benkalowycz

Academic Advisor, University of Akron

The College Student Personnel program at the University of Dayton created an invaluable foundation for the work I do with students. Through the study of theory, student development, self-authorship, and culture I am able to advise my students holistically. It is imperative in our work that we do not simply see the students for why they are in our office but the stories they bring with them. Student development is a vital key to how we interact with our students and that was an imperative part of how the faculty for this program taught me. The courses and the professors encouraged me to be the best version of myself in order to be the best advisor to my students. Each course of the College Student Personnel program was more than a class; they were building blocks to professional success.

Shondrika Merritt

Assistant Director of Residential Life for Student Conduct, Temple University

The College Student Personnel program changed my life! It is not just a program where you can go in a classroom hear a lecture, take a quiz and leave. The program will challenge you to step out of the world in which you find comfort and step into a world where you are forced to challenge, explore and support your thoughts, beliefs and experience through scholarly research and theory, passionate faculty and self-reflection. If you are ready to be honest with yourself, learn from personal experiences and be challenged academically and personally, then you will love the College Student Personnel program. The best way to describe my experience is the CSP program takes love and turns it into passion.


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