About Us

Mission Statement

The mission, intent and purpose of the School Counseling program at The University of Dayton is to prepare students for employment as professional school counselors in K-12 school system. The School Counseling program prepares students to become dynamic school counselors who are adaptive leaders and champions of social justice. Through teaching and modeling, the faculty works to empower students to embrace holistic, ethical and innovative approaches to their personal lives, to their professional endeavors, and to the school systems they serve.

Program Objectives

  1. Demonstrate a professional school counselor identity through participation in professional organizations, acquisition of ethical and legal knowledge and recognition of a professional developmental process characterized by the integration of personal and professional experiences.
  2. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions to enable an appreciation of cultural differences and their influence on counseling practice, and a developing openness toward “others.”
  3. Demonstrate the ability to apply an understanding of the process of human development as holistic which results in various student outcomes due to the interactions between individual and environmental factors.
  4. Demonstrate the growth characteristics of effective helpers in acquiring theoretical knowledge, therapeutic relational skills, and self-awareness through critical reflection.
  5. Demonstrate abilities to successfully practice school counselor professional duties in the K-12 school setting by acquiring the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to design and implement comprehensive school counseling programs as defined by the ASCA National Model.